darkness of night

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Gazing in the sky to look for stars , hmmm the best desirable hobby of mine, open endless sky full of milky ways,stars ,comets, and othe celestial bodies.I can spend whole night just gazing them and every star inspires me towrite a poem, though it is simple poem may be childish ,anyone can have his/her own star in life that can give that contentment which is uncomparable with celestial stars .

Gazing in the sky
I see several sights
In endless sky, I find a star,
That is twinkling bright
It comes with ever night
To give me shred of light
Sometime it disappeared
From my eyes
Make my heart to cry,
Sneakily come in front of me
And give me reason to smile
Always near to its moon ,
It‘s beautiful as a
Bright flower going to bloom,
Capturing its beauty in my eyes,
It makes my heart to sigh,
With the commitment to come again,
In night,
It leaves me with my dreams,
Bid goodnight to me with
Twinkling eyes, it seems.


Sunday, August 20, 2006


was just searching for some notes coz have exam tomorrow of control so rummage the old books and register found the notes so was just doing studies ,when i turned the pages what did i get suddenly? oh my gosh it is my old poem which i had written one year ago usually i odnt read my poems again and again once i have written, but i would really say it was really good and it urged me to write one more poem , well i am a poetess so my blog cant be without poems, so m sharing my poem with all you people. thanks to you for reading me.

where has gone the moon
where is the night
these gone far away or
i have lost the sight
the song of my heart
became the elegy of my life
petal of rose pricked me
when i hold it tight
gloomy world. gloomy eve,
waited for the ray
when it get so bright
when i see the pain
my hopes get illuminate
with heavenly light,
flower will bloom again
petals will embrace me again
when i loose it all
my wings will take me
on the paradise hight
............................vaishali saral

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Sweet illusion always better than truth it looks quite hypothetical but if you see in your real life you always find it more accurate and appropriate, when I put this caption on my orkut account people asked me why i have put this, and truth is always better whether it is sweet or sour ,yeah i know nothing is better than truth. but after reading this story you would like to think right so story is like that once i met to girl she used to be very shy ,coy and upset always all people used to say her be cheerful and you should be happy anyhow think positive etc general talk .
so i asked her why is so cheerful and what has been changed in your life, she said i got the power I asked what power, she replied "i can read minds"
I said" what"??????????
are u kidding me ?
she said no I m not kidding you even I can read what are u thinking right now you are thinking that I have became insane
but reality is that I m not
I really got power
I said okay I trust you what next
she said so when I get the power to read minds I come to know what other people think about me people who claims to be my friend I could listen what do they think about me when I came to know my all illusion get break and I felt whatever I have done for other all gone in vain , I was totally vanished away, all relatives, all friends think to make use of me they always think fool of me after getting their work done they thought me like as dustbin, I was totally lost. I was thinking to end all this and I was thinking to get revenge for all those person who have treated me very nicely with having ill wills and thinking all that I got to sleep I started dreaming ,I saw all people all my friends who were going away from me one by one I was standing alone seeing them going away I wasn’t stopping them , all had gone I was standing alone , with my self and what left with me that truth that truth which snatched my all friends , i asked myself what is use of such truth tell me suddenly a approbations appeared in front of me i guess it was my soul,

it said to me" you could know truth you could understand it well but could you know that you lost that illusion that was with you till u didn’t reveal , that those people cheating over you, by loosing that illusion what did u get ?
I m not saying you to rely on others blindly but if u could have kept that illusion and could have communicate those people u wouldn’t have lost those people and u wouldn’t have so lonely"
I asked " then what should i do"
let them use me
soul" no its not like that confront the truth and try to amend wherever u are lacking , and try to be strict with those people with not keep telling them this is the way how this world works , if you want to be part of this world, you have to be best so whatever I illusion is try to make it true that is the extract for you"
I understood
so when I waked up I could know that was dream but a dream told me if other people use them don’t let them use but try to be best and better at every instance so that they will think twice before making use of you and to be happy keep illusion that you are not alone
well sotry get end here
in reply i could only smile and could think nothingelse .......

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Though i haven’t read book the alchemist because of two reasons first i didn’t have that book another is that now i am not in condition to give time to extra curriculum studies, I just had thought abt alchemy, alchemy the medieval art to turn anything into gold , it sounds like whoever is alchemist he must be a genius .In ancient time it is said that there was a touchstone bye touching it with anything , that would turn into gold awesome. Now days this idea hardly exist or scientist are researching on it. don’t know i was talking about that art, is there any touchstone which can turn our diabolic desires into good ones or is there any touchstone which can turn all evil things into gold turning things into gold not a big task huh turning one's character it is task . there is answer for it according to me we can be our touchstone, if we have will power to change ourselves, if we have desire to turn the side of our fantasy, we can be proved to be a touchstone’s many thing we search far away, saints sages, acumen go so far on the mountain to get nirvana while they couldn’t know for what they are yearning it is just in front of them what they have to do just raise your hand and grab it touchstone to turn ourselves is inside us if we could recognize it then we would not need anything to turn things into gold
thank you

Friday, August 11, 2006

past is so fast

we walk on the way we get some friends we get some foes, we keep walking toward to our destination , some of our friend just get away from us, they lost or they gone because thier destination was different . whatever is the reason , we dont forget our true friends till the end of life though we get some new friends , but what place that old friends retain that cannot be fulfilled by other's presence .void that has been created becuase of thier sepration can not be healed. i know that time is the best healer great wound can be healed by the time though it is correct too, but no one can forget some one completely, if some one wants to ignore that is different thing .In daily routine we get so much busy that we dont get time to think abt our old time, but when we get alone , when we feel alone we amuse self by remembering our olf golden days , and cherish the memories, some moan in lament some feel to find thier old friend , the desires which has beeen subdued by us come infront of us and make us happy make us smile , moaning, mourning.Some unfulfilled desires come in dreams coz it is said our mind always active in subconscinece the cortex start working and we do dream whatever we were thinking to do and couldnt do or things whcih we always wanted, itis good to see friends in dream.

life comes in chapter when one chapter get ended we have to move on another chapter by keep learning from last chapter thus our life proceed
so never forget what was in your past just try to learn from it imply all those good things in your present and try to avoid the mistakes that you have done in past .

vaishali saral

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

desire for life

life is running through the hectic phase, everything is so fast and huge that as once try to blink and oh what's that in next moment it is gone, everyone has became just like a machine all are running behind something everyone has its own aims and goals, to fulfill it everyone is running , clashing to each other mishaps, personal arguements, tension ,stress still evryone running, though we know to achieve these goal is not ultimate destination, every destination bring one more destination with it, it is just like " i used to have desire ,
but now i have only one desire to not have any desire ". It is just kind of funny , we are going behind illusions.
Some of us know that is illusionary view whatever we are seeing, people get tie into relations, we make friends, we make peers we make so many known and unknown relations , and just always get abide by them .

Rules, customs, principles all made according to society, amedments are made time to time according to need of society. Religiones, creed, all made to keep balance in this society but what is use of such religiones which doesnt give right to ppl to express their views .
Are we tht much hypocrite that we dont do on what we get stick our whole life
isnt it hypocricy?
Truth that usually get presented infront of you , in real it is not fact,

whole life we folllow our desires , our customs, our illusions and what happen in the end , we get die, we get only a square to get buried, or get some sandal wood to pyre ourselves,
all desire all materials left behind and we gone where noone knows
all life we ran behind our desires to fullfill them by any mean, but at last we left only one thing that is our name , fame may be ill fame, what we have done for others will always be remembered might be people will forget you, but at least on one would abuse you
whatelse one can expect from life
we make life not other pepole ,other system , religione , no creed
desires are to achieve
dreams are to be fullfilled
and we are to make all true by exertions

Monday, August 07, 2006

passion of lonliness

lonliness for my heart, it is not wierd that i like to be alone, lonliness that give me intensity that give me perception to look beyond the materialstic world. when i listen the sound of rain , it tells me am not alone , lonliness sing song with me humming like nightengle, making me dream about my future, in the night when gaze on stars lonliness smile over me , it says , ur soul and me are one to whome u search in mob it is near to you why do u search there,why do u run behind the mob wht it wud give you, see ur self look at this mirror the reflection smiling is it your lonliness or your soul , chiming bells , scintillating of stars, as they are just for me, ifeel to dance music of nature, composed by god( dont know whether it exist or not but i always heard that earth is created by god in very devine propotion to keep balance in this world i dont know much), adorn by the beauty of nature it looks as fairies dancing my lonliness dancing with me singing with me, when i become alone, i am not alone my lonliness is with me, i odnt want to let anyone snatch it from me , i m wlking with it looking forward still can hear some sound of steps guess some people are walking with me .