darkness of night

Saturday, September 23, 2006



When I walk away the world
When I see enormous sky
Like a tiny newborn bird,
I feel to spread my wings,
Nature’s every shred feels
To be created,
When I unravel the truth,
In this world no one could be
Satiated ,
My mind ,my heart feels
To be emancipated,
When I break the shackle of love,
Start fleeting my desire’s dove,
When I don’t get any matter
To be agitated,
My lust ,my disgust feels
To be emancipated,
Where is the horizon, where is
End of this world,
When I see around me, my milieu,
Delusion of my eyes feels
To be emancipated,
When I see the height of mountain,
When I see the sun in the sky,
My feet from the earth feels
To be emancipated,
Lustrous eyes of divine soul,
Show the path to the whole,
When I see in those divine eyes,
My soul feel satiated
And me and my soul feels
To be emancipated
...............................................VAISHALI SARAL

Friday, September 22, 2006



Keep walking in my world
Indifferent to mob,Indifferent to this world
I search my soul,
When i lost myself,
i begin my odyssey
to reach up to my destination
,I get my desire when I lost
In my self
I feel emancipated when i walk alone
A blooming flower,A brighten light
enough to make a happy to my soul
All desire all dreams become my own
The nebulous memory of past
i just let it blown
when i find myself in halcyon,
When i find myself and to my soul,
Nolonger I remain indifferent
This whole new world seems to be my own

Saturday, September 16, 2006


Walking o n the road alone it is not like that I feel so alone but I do feel something , I don’t know what it is , whether I feel lonely or I feel haunted, so many passing vehicles so many crossing roads , so many people the crowd , the mob , men women open blue sky, this blacken road me walking like like I m going some where where I am going , where?
Have I forgotten where I was going ? I don’t think so I know where I want to go and I know the address of my destination I know I have to walk alone on this path and you know what I don’t have any remorse or regret that I am walking alone It s kind of good that I don’t have to see my beside , neither i have to care who else is walking beside to me I just keep walking with myself , am I selfish??????????????? Yeah certainly I m selfish and I have to be selfish coz without being selfish I cant do anything , some times we have to be selfish cause if we want to secure our future and want to do something in this life we have to be insane , deranged and demented , we need passion to get our goal , in life there are so many thing we have to sacrifice so many things , sacrifice passion and will power are the most important factor to get success , so I don t feel odd that I am walking alone , yeah I feel so good to think about old days when I was with my dear ones and near ones but in this life we have to walk alone .When we were kid we didn’t know how to walk and how to do everything , but our parents teach us they give their tender love support , they nourished us so that we cud be capable of doing all worldly things and in our life we can walk without any crutches , now we are capable enough to do everything and now we have to struggle from this world , and no one is there to support , we should be mentally strong enough so that we can support ourselves, the soul our soul is the best friend to us , if you get control on your soul don’t need any one’s support on the other hand u are capable enough to support other . One thing that I have most observed never expect anything from other but give your hand always who ever needs to you .Be selfish to yourself and be generous to others. And then walk alone on the road you will feel that you are smiling with yourself and with your calm and serene soul .

Sunday, September 10, 2006



When I see a flower
It’s fragrance reminds
Those vernal days

When I roam into

Open flower beds grounds

Chirping of the birds
This wide enormous open sky
Breath of calm and peace
When I was privileged with
This comely heavenly sound
The reverberation of carillons
Still echo in my ears
Each word of those missives

Suffice to invite my tears
When night covers this world
With stellar sheet of stars
Every star twinkle with smile
Every star near to my heart
No matter how much those are far
When my eyes tremble with
Forgotten ,those desired story

I find near ,every moment My indelible memories

Sunday, September 03, 2006


Today am not imaginative I m highly realistic and raspy . When i saw some childern bagging for empty glass bottels of alcohal , from those people who were savoring the alcohal and cold wind outside i felt pity and sympathy for those kids , but no the thing didnt end yet it has to go somewhat more way , i felt roncorous and fanatic when one of those guy said to that kid to have alcohal in exchange he wud have given more empty bottles , I just felt so disgust and ridicule , Is it the real face of life I just watched this scene in a movie but it wasnt movie atall it was real and highly disgusting , how can one person offer alcohal to a kid aged 5 or 6 .But what is benifit of thinking it now what could i have done so that i could have tought that guy moral , no i did nothing , i just kept watching and was reticent .
I am ashamed of my self I m feeling as i have done something sin and not objecting against social evils is the biggest sin .People talk about india rising , india shinning , GDP , IT , COMPUTERS, and so many things , india is flourishing , but where is india flourishing only some big metropolital cities .
India is not consist of only those big metropolital cities , come and watch still village are in same conditions , child labour hasnt decrease contradictly it has been increased drastically, why we are talking about only villages and small town .
The biggest number of child labour is in matropolitan cities ,people from different villages and towns and other small cities go to big cities in search of employement , but all just get poverty destitute nothingelse and just throw their childern into the fierce of money making machine, most of them start pickpoketing , they dont go to school , thet get divert into other direction that is crime , increasing number of crime ha no one is unware of this , everyday one gangster take birth .
Politicians just indulge in thier sakes they cant see the real picture by sitting in thier AC chambers , they just make policies and startegies , but who is going to imply them who is going to watch that either poeple are getting benifit of it or not , the services which are povided for thier sake became thier problems . What do they think by making startegies and bagging money from BILL GATES and WARREN BUFFET , we can make india shinning no it is not the way .

Every day child labour ,abusing crime , rapes increasing like allgie and getting multiplied everyday , and believe me it is more gruesome than monster .If u really think one day about this thing you will feel that you hands are smeared with blood and what food you are eating cranal of human , so all we have became predator.
Well i dont know about other cause may be they are doing some thing for others , i cant be cynical for all people , it doesnt mean that if u are not doing anything then all are object of blame no , but i am ashamed .

Friday, September 01, 2006


Moments when I was ,
engraved with my thinking
Had ‘not had any inkling ,
where they were getting
Closed eyes
dreaming for eternity,
In another world was crawling,
taking soft pillow in my hand felt
as it was heavenly cleaving
emancipated from all fear,
In the fragrance of paradise
I felt as every moment was blooming
Rosy petals full of my hand
My desire for eternity was so intense
All cherubs protecting me
As if I was tiny pearl between shells
Being somnolent , I seep through my eyes
Its not night but let me sleep a while
Cuddling into white feather’s bed

Blooming every petal

Incensing every shred

Lost into dulcet dream

Eye lids blinking and brimming

suddenly A denizen thunder gurgled in the sky
All cherubs disappeared from the sight
All darken away one moment
ago all was bright
All petals turn into thorns
Cherub , angel ,feathers all
Don’t know where had gone
Me ,my tears ,my hands Pricked by thorns
And my evanescent dream
Just left me all alone