darkness of night

Sunday, December 31, 2006

On The New Year Eve

Just few hours left to say good bye to 2006 and to welcome our very new and very own 2007, we are so much enthuastic that whatever we could'nt get in 2006 we would get in 2007.Though nothing going to be changed except the way we write dates, the same we will be and same will be this world.Howeve by changing ourselve for some extent we can be more happy and lovable , for this reason we all will take so many resolution, some will try to srick them and some of them will forget as 2006 will be gone.
Just like other people , i am also going to take some resolution which i m going to enlist here.
1. I ll try to wake up early.
2. I ll do exercise daily.
3.I ll be more lenient and flexible to others.
4. I ll try that i dont hurt anyone knowingly or unknowingly.
5.I ll try to be cheerfull always.
6.I ll try to be more slimer.
7.I ll not take too much of sweets.
8. Last but not the least I ll make my career brighter than the bright with hard work,time management and with lots of creativity.
thank you all and wish all people a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.

vaishali saral