darkness of night

Friday, January 26, 2007


Tiny drops of water
Lay over the bed of grass
mesmerized by the its beauty
I gaze the dew of dawn
It glitter like a diamond
as if It's engraved into
nature's crown
nature embellished with the
dew of dwan
It looks like a nubile,
as if all dew become a nile.
Charm of dew as innocent
as a kid,
It allure me as stars in
the sky
Its reflection twinkle inot my
When fisrt ray of sun
fall on it
seven colors of life get
produce into it
voyage of dew get end when
sun acquire it.
In heat of sun it evaporated
It lived night to the day.
Whatever it gives in
her own way.

I wake till the dawn
to see the same
twinkling into my eyes

I yearn to touch it
but i am afraid to loose it
I keep gazing it
from the distance

It's so fragile,
I want it's existence.

It just like my dream
I adore nature of it's Life
Every shred glitter
with dew of dawn

A diamond shining
in nature's crown .


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

After so many days I am writing blog hmmmmm not good I know but to write something I must have something , so didn't write .
How were my days till long ???? pretty good question they were not as good as they should have been , but I could made them good sometime and tried not to creat panic over it .haaa
I wanted to share those feelings those desires to so many people , most of them didn't understand , some of them expressed their sympathy and other just ridicule over that , then I thought what is use of telling anything to anyone. Its good if they can understand that but what if they don't.
Well i am not blaming anyone , everyone has his/her life why would he/she give damn to my matters .
Then i discover that you can't get peace that you are searching in other people these are you obstacles other can only sympathize you but , the path , the way , you have to choose only. hey can utter few good words to you , and will say don't worry , but you are one who knows what's in real going through out your mind . By expreassing your surrow your disbeliefes , you will make your fun only.
when you feel uneasy try to appease yourself , when you lack of love , love to yourself, and things which people say , I am not saying all this world is selfish most of people are really good and you , mer and everyone can learn alot from each other . you have to choose only what you want to take and what you want to expurgate, people give suggestions wise people do what is right and correct.
when you go in search of peace first search it in yourselve cause no one knows you bettert han yourselve , so you know where is the path of solace then just go for it , no one will come to grab your hand and will show you , you are the lone traveller in the strange world
so keep walking untill unless you get the peace , and which is enumerated in only you.