darkness of night

Sunday, February 11, 2007


A flower, which bloom in nautre's lap , it was destined to get wilted by stroke of weather, people's envy,hatred of world.

But it became immortal as someone want it to be always safe in people's heart,

thats why here am presenting , very near to my heart A WILTED ROSE.

Hope you will all enjoy it and will give your opinion and your reviews.


A wilted rose still give out

Its fragrance to me

It is as fresh as my memories

When I touch it, soothes my agonies

It was beautiful and cheering

When I put it into my book

A token of remembrance

A symbol of affection

May be affection has been lost

Things I loved most

All my desires once again start blooming

When I see, a wilted rose

All of its thorn become lifeless

No more they hurt me they are helpless

Now thorns are near to my heart

They palliate agony of my heart

Every petal sing dirge for me

Wilted petals ask for my touch

It never before so precious

A wilted rose ask a touch

Of care, a loving embraces

I have belief it will again bloom

As spring would come

A drop of dew, a tear of my eye

Enough that a wilted flower wants

Wilted rose have so many mysteries

Untold, unseen stories

I keep it safe near to my heart

No cruel wind can take it away

It waits, wait for touch

A touch to give it life

Intimate to me as if love of my life

Its lost remnant of my indelible memories

It would be taken away from me never

All of its petals’s fragrance will stay

In my breathings, in my life forever......