darkness of night

Monday, July 23, 2007

At last

Where i cud have gone except my own blog,gosh , its so boring and lonely here ,after completing college guess nothing left in life .
if i could meet to god , i would ask him to turn the back times. it was so good, but nothing left now ,i remember those old days, beautiful old days , i was so crazy lol but really it was too fun to be in love , but now its more panic , i never write about my personal life in this blog but i came to know, only a few people care to read it , other wise no one care to read it moreover people dont have time to read boring and sad blogs hmmm,
from the last two months iws really crazy i was thyinking if i blog on ibbio i will get some money i just wasted my time over there man , i never get single penny , even if i had wroked hard,
dunno to whome i am saying all this might be only to myself
just myself huh