darkness of night

Thursday, January 31, 2008

The world of lonliness


where i would go

in the world of loneliness

where would i get solace

i search a caring caress

my unknown desires ask me

to go away from this bleak world

no more to live in this heaven

caged soul , feels to fly

my dried eyes want to cry

the echo of hollowness

where i would find the completeness

the edges of darkness spread all away

where to search a small ray to erase darkness

dieing soul of mine ,rare is liveliness

running through the ages of hell

i walk alone in search of heavenliness.

......................................vaishali saral

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The world is strange

The world is strange and we all are strangers, still something is there that we tend to appeal each other , it may be the emotions , feelings , or do they really exist? sometimes it does feel and sometime u feel nothing is there, hmm or i would say there is no limit of desires , what i had left to achieve something that suddenly started to fascinate me,now what i have got doesnt feel so nice as it used to feel earlier, hmmm , this make me human being , otherwise i wudnt have been,