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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Speeding Time

The last day of year , looks it just started and so soon its ending , could not  believe only , happiness , sorrows , joy , love all came in way , passed over with the time , alas! Nothing is permanent , nothing is forever , was watching Anand  yester night ,  dyeing Anand says whatever comes it has to end .so true whatever has started it would finish .last year on this day I was with my family ,was counting days to come to us  now same day but different people , strange faces became so known . Never thought in life that I would meet those people, but they came in life, as they came in life so many already left.

Number of times tried to catch the past and wanted to know the future  , always knew it’s impossible.

Tonight I do not want to write about me , I want to write about life ,and time , these two things always make me worry nothing else, yeah not even death, the speed of time it always makes me worries , I never want to grow up, when I was a kind I wanted to grow  up fast so I can be independent  , I hated it when my parents used to interfere, asking me questions , now I just yearn , wish somebody ask me something , used to get so angry when they used to scold me .

Now I just do so many things , so wrong so somebody come and scold me , ask me to not to do that thing  but everyone is so busy , how can I expect from them , all are strange faces .the world will laugh with you, but wont cry with you .

We always expect other people to understand us, but why we forget that they also expect something from us ,may be we expecting more than needed , everyone has to survive in this world , Darwin ‘s theory “ survival of the fittest “.

I always want to get one time machine, so that I can just go back in the time , it is not like that  I am escaping from today , but everyone wish to go in those days which were so beautiful , but truth is that they cant come back we  can just cherish the memories and with those happy memories we live today .

It s been said we are the mightiest we create our present, future and past , so with the hopes and expectations that the coming tomorrow will be the one which I created today  and dreamed in past .



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