darkness of night

Monday, March 16, 2009

Key to Happiness

This morning when alarm rang, my mind was telling me, c'mon this is the alarm you suppose to wake,I thought “What the hell” why I have to wake up every morning, I wish I could sleep 5 mins more and snoozed the alarm, after 5 mins it rang again , and same feeling was there . Life is running too fast because time is running faster than life, and to keep the pace we are also running. So many times we wish , hope we could get something more , even if we get more than anyone we always wish to get more .I wish I could get more money , I wish I could get a better car, better home , everything should be perfect , huh , to make everything perfect we loose everything while we don’t even realize that we lost something to get something , Newton ‘s Law “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, whatever we get from this universe we have to return it in some form , what you give that you get , to achieve something you have to give something . But when you are not getting anything yet you are giving something that is called Sacrifice , but as Newton’s third law implies you definitely gonna get something that’s called satisfaction , peace .Being human we just expect to get , not to give but if you expect something from someone , you need to give something . Because we want everything from this world ,and everybody wants everything , while nobody gets all thing . I don’t say we should not desire definitely we should desire . Give love to be loved.