darkness of night

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thou The Soul

Sometimes it’s so weird out of blue you see something in dream and when you wake up you think,what was meaning of it. No idea .Every night I sleep with hopes and dreams. tomorrow will be shining once again.I really hate how come I got so busy do not get time for myself.for my own soul.I haven’t talked to my soul from a long time.

I wonder how I stopped listening you,

You are the one who resides in me.

No one listen to me ever,

But you always there for caring me,

I did not know when I got stuck on the way,

You came like breeze of unknown mist.

Several words to describe, none applied,

You never needed any word to understand my zest.

You lived in my dream, in my verses,

One day I got lost in the worldly illusions,

Chaotic sounds, away from the seclusions

I could not hear you since ever,

But you left me alone never,

I searched you everywhere from mob to dungeon.

Forgot you never went anywhere, just here in me

Watching every moment, the shattering me.

The torment you went through, is just indescribable

The pain you bear is just beyond my imagination.

Culprit me of killing you silently every day.

I wish I would have heard, what you say

Meek me sitting you to come back again

Fool me searching you everywhere,

But you never went anywhere.

Deliriums of me, only you could interprate

You are the soul of me how could I forget.

................................................................................vaishali saral